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New Music from TapRoots!

June 26, 2024, TapRoots is releasing their first single, Get Free, since their highly-acclaimed 2023 album, The Resonance Within. This song is masterclass in groove, with lyrics that urge us all to “Get Free” and move with intention into the transformations of this new era. Matthew King, bandleader and composer, says, “I was inspired by my students while I was a teacher at PVPA, and the ways that they were embracing new ways of being, thinking, and relating to each other, the planet, and the politics of self that were refreshingly forward-thinking. The song is very much dedicated to them and the new world that they will undoubtedly build as they grow to adulthood.” 

Get Free is a call-to-action in a world gone mad. The song’s lyrics speak directly to power and the transformations that are at hand: “You say you want to rule the world/well this is our world too/(you) say you be boy and you be girl/guess what that joke’s on you/(you) say pick your side: black or white/like that’s the only way to do/you tell us if we play the game we’ll have a good life/well I say your ruling days are through” This social commentary is woven throughout a powerful funk backdrop, laced with intricate horn lines and soaring harmonies that make it impossible to sit still while listening. This song will be released in both a radio-single, as well as an epic 10+ minute “Super Extended Dance Liberation Remix” that twists and turns in classic TapRoots fashion, and has been likened to a “Funk Concerto” by those who have heard it. 


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