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Born out of the desire to explore and blend a variety of musical influences, TapRoots is a new vision of cultural sonic fusion to connect a broken world through our shared humanity.



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TapRoots is the musical brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and producer Matthew King.


TapRoots is Deep Tracks with Deep Roots for the Body, Mind and Soul! Charting new musical territory with their unique and complex mix of funk, soul, salsa, afrobeat, reggae, afrocuban jazz, rock, samba and folkloric rhythms, TapRoots travels beyond the borders of traditional popular music, bringing the listener on a journey filled with catchy hooks, pulsing rhythms, and intricate musical motifs, synthesized into a powerful, deeply rooted, listening experience. Blazing horn lines, danceable grooves, thought provoking lyrics and a tangible sense of the spirit are braided together into a powerful unified statement of joy, community, social change and upliftment!


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