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Born out of the desire to explore and blend a variety of musical influences, TapRoots is a new vision of cultural sonic fusion in a sea of monochromatic, genre-specific industry songs.



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TapRoots is the musical brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and producer Matthew King. While the music is an alchemical cauldron of rock, reggae, salsa, soul, folkloric rhythms, and beyond, it taps into the roots of these traditions while imagining something refreshingly new. TapRoots seeks to travel beyond the boundaries of traditional popular music, bringing the listener on a journey filled with catchy hooks, pulsing rhythms, thought provoking lyrics and intricate musical motifs, all fueled by a unique synthesis of sound, spirit and passion into a powerful, deeply rooted, contemporary listening experience.


TapRoots embraces the philosophy that music and art are tools for educating people about issues concerning the planet and our communities, and enacting social change; the future of music and the planet necessitates bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to create a new vision of how we can all live together in balance with our environments.  King has always been one to wear his politics on his sleeve: “I have always felt that all art is political, whether you want it to be or not, so artists might as well use their art to promote issues and ideas that are central to our worldview, rather than having it be used by others for things that we might not believe in.”  On the TapRoots debut self-titled CD, topics range from police violence, to environmental degradation, to spiritual parables, post apocalyptic musings and more. These ideas are nested within an expansive tapestry of thundering drums, cascading voices, funky guitars and a dash of something transcendent that will surely touch your soul.


TapRoots is music for the mind, body and spirit. Deep tracks with deep roots.

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