Intertwining elemental roots of spirit, rhythm, planetary reverence, and socio-political transformation, TapRoots braids a vision of human relations united by struggle, praise, grief, celebration, resilience, and fierce desire for social change. It calls the audience to listen in new ways, travel through the gateways between the seen and unseen, and celebrate our shared humanity as we work to heal our relationship to the planet, to history and to each other.


This music is radically different from the traditional contemporary pop music you hear today. From the first moments of "Opening," you are brought into the world of TapRoots: a cinematic and otherworldly portal bubbling with sound and spirit that will grab you and take you on unexpected twists and turns, while maintaining an infectious, irresistible groove. This music goes deep both in its music and message, as layered strings, ethereal harmonies, and percussive guitar work flood your senses with an urgent reminder that we stand at a crossroads of time and history, and are being called to choose our paths with thoughtful intention. TapRoots signature rhythmic and harmonic subtleties are a special treat for audiophiles who appreciate the work of artists like Carlinhos Brown, Ruben Blades, The Beatles, Fela Kuti, Ozomatli, Santana, and many others.

With the release or TapRoots, Matthew King shows that deep tracks with deep roots can transform music into messenger ... healer ... warrior ... teacher … companion. As the song goes … “you’re a part of this song’s wealth,” so spread the word! TapRoots is here.


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