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Download the TapRoots debut CD:


1. Opening (feat. Zami)

2. Everything (para Caetano e Carlinhos)

3. Truth and the Lie

4. Walk Lightly 'pon the Land (feat. Force and Ilana)

5. Bosque

6. Hallowed Ground (feat. Mal Devisa)

7. Hands Up (featuring Catalyst)

8. Invocation (feat. Magdalena Gomez)


Critics praise for the debut TapRoots CD: 


“A feast for the senses, this music is for the mind, body and spirit; It will get you dancing ecstatically as well as thinking deeply about the world around you.”


“Acoustic and electric, voice, coquis, crickets, ocean waves and a multitude of instruments come together in a formidable energy of rhythm and lyric that also folds in various instruments of language and thought as found in its political, linguistic, and spiritual forms.”


“A tap root is a strong, wide root which grows deep into the earth and is a center from which other rootlets spring. This album is a taproot for humanity. The earth, spirit, redemption, and collective liberation spring from its musical source.”

TapRoots debut album download

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